Magnus Tortoise Sunglasses


  • Frame Material: Italian cellulose acetate
  • Lens Material: Polarized 1.5mm lens
  • Frame Size: Standard fit
  • Lens Width: 48mm
  • Bridge Width: 23mm
  • Temple Length: 148mm


Welcome to Bishrom Eyewear

At Bishrom, we blend craftsmanship with contemporary design to create eyewear that reflects individual style and personality. Our commitment to quality and innovation is embodied in our signature collection, including the iconic Magnus sunglasses.

Introducing the Bishrom Magnus Sunglasses, where timeless elegance meets modern craftsmanship. Designed with a distinct square shape and crafted from premium Italian cellulose acetate, these sunglasses are a testament to exquisite design and superior quality.


  1. Square Design: The Magnus Sunglasses feature a bold and sophisticated square shape, offering a contemporary twist on classic eyewear styles. Elevate your look with their distinctive silhouette that exudes confidence and style.
  2. Italian Cellulose Acetate: Meticulously crafted from Italian cellulose acetate, renowned for its durability, flexibility, and luxurious feel. Experience unparalleled comfort and durability, ensuring these sunglasses stand the test of time.
  3. Nepali Craftsmanship: Each pair of Magnus Sunglasses is proudly handcrafted in Nepal by skilled Nepali artisans, blending traditional craftsmanship with modern techniques. Embrace the artistry and attention to detail that defines Bishrom eyewear.
  4. Polarized 1.5mm Lens: Enjoy enhanced clarity and visual comfort with the polarized 1.5mm lenses, which effectively reduce glare and provide superior protection against harmful UV rays. Whether you’re on the road or soaking up the sun, the Magnus Sunglasses offer unparalleled optical performance.
  5. 8mm Acetate Frame: The Magnus Sunglasses feature a robust 8mm acetate frame, providing both durability and lightweight comfort. Designed to withstand daily wear and tear while maintaining their structural integrity and style.



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